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Karen Marra

Fluid Songs in a Quirky Soul

Karen Marra, aka "Ka Ma" is a bilingual singer, whose main characteristic is the alternation of various vocal registers that lead her to embrace numerous styles such as jazz, gospel and pop rock.

Ka Ma started giving concerts from the age of 12 under the influence of the family. He grew up with jazz in mind, Gospel in voice and Celtic in heart. This, since she was a child, has led her to create numerous crossovers.

She often compared herself with New York artists such as Les Getrex and Barkleys teachers such as Jonn Finn, guests in various Venues in Tuscany, thus continuing her search for the afro black sound in a western soul.

In 2019 he participates in THE VOICE and is part of Morgan's team, arousing curiosity in public opinion for his faith and for the courage to profess it live nationally.

Karen Marra
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