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Black Rockstar

Amsterdam Vibes

Rivelino "Blackrockstar" Rigters 
Rapper / Singer, Writer & Talent Coach 

Blackrockstar is an urban rock artist, social entrepreneur and talentcoach. He has been professionally active as a songwriter since 2002 and performs solo and with his band RIVE in countries and continents such as Spain, Italy, UK, Africa, USA, Germany, South America and Holland. BlackRockStar is the aka for Urban Rock Artist, Talentcoach and author Rivelino Rigters. Known for bringing high energy to the stage when playing with his band on stage. Capable of captivating a live audience with its charismatic presentation, elevating the atmosphere to another level. He has released 4 albums, 8 singles and 3 books

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Blackrockstar & Live Band @HostdagarnaFKS 2022
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