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The Italian Miss Sunshine

Jonnie is a songwriter writer from Turin born in 1989.

Graduated in Intercultural Communication at Palazzo Nuovo, she studied music at the CPM in Milan.

Jonnie has always written songs that are too long, so he collects everything that doesn't fit into music and makes books out of it. In this way his "concept albooks" become the hallmark of his artistic production.

In 2019 his first work "Portrait" was released, a collection of frescoes in the form of stories and songs. In 2022 his most autobiographical work "All the pieces of any story" is released and this is also both a book and a record.

Now that she has gone on television to sing with Nek, her grandmother has stopped telling her that she should be a hairdresser, but she still hasn't decided what to do when she grows up.

Of course, she will continue to write books and songs in the hope that one day they will allow her to buy a house with secret passageways and a white horse.

Meanwhile, to pay the bills, he goes to work in an independent bookstore in his city and, having no horse, he rides his bicycle.

Davide Meli e Jonnie cantano "Rolling in the deep" - Dalla strada al palco 19/07/2022
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