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Boogie Bombers

The power blues band

The history of the Boogie Bombers began in 2004 between the jam sessions of the Turin underground with the meeting of two of the youngest musicians of the local blues scene: the harmonica player and singer Andrea "Boris" Borasco and the guitarist Joele "Joe" Musso.

Since 2013 the band has assumed its current form, which consolidates so much as to push its elements to choose the name Fratelli Tabasco. Then begins a long concert tour through northern Italy, with which they offer a rich lineup of original songs and convince by inflaming audiences and critics, receiving important positive reviews from radio and press. In 2015 they released the live album "Docks Dora Session" but in 2017, during a series of new publications of what would have been their second work "Louder Than Before", they were forced to stop due to copyright problems related to the name of the band, and in fall 2018, the band resurfaces as the Boogie Bombers.

On November 20, 2020, the band's debut album, "Boogie Bonanza", is released for Volcano Records. The album is an honest account of a great journey. What happened from the departure from Turin through five states of the deep south of the USA is the soul of this record. The songs written on the seats of vans, buses and planes of intercontinental flights will take you from the basements of South Turin to the mysterious swamps of Louisiana.

Boogie Bombers - Poor Black Mattie (Official Video)
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