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Who we are

Dedication to music

Doc Brown begins his journey in the immediate post-pandemic with the aim of giving new life to live activities that have been frozen for too long and establishing new relationships between venues, festivals and original music artists.

Started out of pure passion, the project quickly became more complex and articulated to the point of making it necessary to create a structure capable of effectively managing the network of contacts formed.

Doc Brown's team is made up of live music professionals, who with strategy and method are dedicated to spreading the projects they believe in without stopping.

In fact, we are convinced that the secret behind effective booking lies in the agents' passion for knowing and understanding the artist and the music he broadcasts, in order to be able to follow and support the project with the attention it deserves. That's not the point? Isn't music, before being work, sharing? So why not share what is good for us, what makes us alive?

For this reason, our roster is dedicated to a limited number of artists who all respond to precise characteristics: talent, artistic quality, content, personality and, first of all, a live show with a strong impact.

Doc Brown artists are all great live performers, real stage animals, but they are also authors and composers of their own music, with a well-defined recording path and great live experience. This explosive mixture makes our proposal not only of quality, but unique and recognizable.

The philosophy that guides us is to never propose concerts to our partners that do not leave a tangible mark on the audience, regardless of the fame of the artist on stage.

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